Peter Bockenthien

Creative Lifelong Learner

Excellent analytical, research, and problem-solving skills.



Strategy, SEO, Content

Utilize my expertise in technical marketing, data analysis, and content optimization to drive organic traffic growth, improve search engine rankings, and contribute to the overall success of the organization.

Demonstrated proficiency in what to communicate, how to communicate it, and the tools needed to achieve marketing objectives.

be vocal


There's never been a day in my life where I wasn't researching, organizing, and developing strategies and tactics to create content tailored to the client and the client’s community. A well thought-out strategy naturally lends itself to copy writing and visuals that connects with people.

It's never what  you say, it's how  you say it.

print and digital

Print & Digital Experience

Proficient with Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, PhotoShop, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. I have extensive award-winning print and digital work experience.

Early adopter of award-winning Affinity Designer, Photo, and Publisher.

be vocal

Curious Researcher

Knowing why I'm doing something makes how to do something a lot easier with much improved and effective results. That opens up more avenues to create marketing that connects with people.

What Clients Said:

“Thank you for creating the Windsor Dairy Learning Center!”

“Without your assistance on my web activities to help make sales, my life would not closely resemble what it currently does.”

“You saved me from a clusterf*cking mess!

“Peter is one of the most creative problem solvers I've ever met.”

“Peter's creative concepts brought me more clients.”

About Peter Bockenthien

I'm what's called a polymath. I excel at things that I've never done before. I figure things out. I'm a problem-solver who authentically connects with people and technology.

Curiosity compels me to research, analyze, and test. I'm creative, constantly generating ideas by myself and in collaborative settings. I've always been ahead of the curve; I see things before they happen.

Professional legacy MODX website developer, progressive web features including SEO, hand-coded HTML, CSS, Flexbox, as well as staging, development, and production websites using MODXcloud.

Early adopter and legacy user of Affinity Publisher, Photo & Designer; Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, & Illustrator; MS Office Excel, Word, & PowerPoint.
Excellent proofreader (nobody should ever proofread their own work.0

I figured out something that has been marginalized by humans for thousands of years. I'm still shocked to write that 7 years later because it's the key to understanding the power each human is born with: connecting with the best version of your current and future self.
Peter Bockenthien