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Portfolio: Print

Graphic Design Portfolio of Peter Bockenthien. I specialize in creative thought-out strategy that makes it easy to create effective headlines and visuals.

Portfolio: Print

The following are highlights from my extensive design portfolio. I took ownership for every aspect of these pieces, collaborating with Creative Directors while adhering to branding standards. These are the best of the best.

Proficient in Adobe CS Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign / Affinity Designer, Photo, Publisher / ProCreate / MS Office

Architects, USA

I’ve been creating Web Marketing since 1998. Before there were search engines there were printed indexes converted to text files and posted online.

It was easy to see where the internet was headed, so I included this in the copy:
“Like TV, the internet will grow into a powerful marketing medium, changing the way business is conducted.”

Return address concept:

Architects, USA

Interior of the mailer:

Architects, USA

Group Publishing

5 of 8 Group Publishing catalogs that I created over a 6 month span.

Working with Group's Creative Director Jim M., I contributed cover designs for 8 catalogs and produced the layouts for each of these publications serving different Christian markets.

You'll see the Group 25 Years logo appear in another design below.

Group Publishing

Wild Oats

Four 90+ hour weeks of on the fly brainstorming photoshoots, countless revisions, and new ideas brought to life. My first ever Annual Report won Investors Relations Best Annual Report. Some think it was the inside spread Veggie Bar Chart, and others said it was the legible/edible financial pages.

Wild Oats Annual Report Wild Oats Annual Report

Before that I created Grand Opening Brochures when Wild Oats was growing 1 new store every 2 weeks. Additionally I worked with a third party architect firm to create magnetic menu boards for the Juice Bar. This entailed traveling across the US to ensure correct installation. (Traveling installation of high-end artwork for Circle Fine Arts-L.A. was my first job out of college.)

Wild Oats Pinecrest Grand Opening brochure Wild Oats Santa Monica Grand Opening brochure

Former President Ford's International Business Conference

Former President Ford's Vail Symposium Invitation. How I got this project: a client was close friends with the Mexico Ambassador to the US.

Way before this I worked the (only) parking lot booth at Vail. On a cold winter night President Ford and Jack Nicklaus were walking out of the parking garage when Nicklaus slipped right outside the booth. I immediately jumped out in front of President Ford to help Jack back up onto his feet. Two Secret Service agents instinctively grabbed me by the armpits and pulled Jack and I onto our feet. I said, "Stick to the green stuff, Jack." He and President Ford glared at me, and then they started cracking up.

Thus, my client attended the Symposium with an ice breaker to share with former President Ford.

The Honorable Gerald Ford's International Business Conference The Honorable Gerald Ford's International Business Conference

Amrion, a pre-Amazon Whole Foods Subsidiary

Amrion was a pioneering nutraceutical company bought by Whole Foods shortly before I was hired as Designer following my 6-month freelance stunt at Group Publishing.

Of the scores of catalogs and direct mailers that I produced, these 2 standout because they won awards.

The first was for this price box that was copied by competitors which is the highest praise a Designer can receive.

price box

The other award came from the Direct Marketing Association for the Big Penny Direct Mailer helmed by Account Executive Scott Fincher. It received an unheard of 10% response rate. A 3% response rate is the standard! Now you know why you have so many mailers in your mailbox.

big penny

I was asked to come up with concepts for supplements and then illustrate them. These are my first digital illustrations. Down to Earth was the theme.

supplement illustrations


After creating thousands of yellow page ads for Clarke Directory, I headed up the coast and worked for Gospel Light Publishing as a Copywriter. That led to attending the Book Shop classes at 2 prominent ad agencies. Both experiences led to working at Patagonia when a friend knew who could help the Creative Department's overload of work.


Working with the Creative Director and other creative staff, I created Wholesale Order for Canadian and European markets, International advertisements, postcards, and then — being from Colorado — I was asked what might appeal to customers at the soon-to-be-opened Denver retail store.

"Now that you're here...get out of town."

Patagona Denver Retail brochure

CSSA To The Point

#Teamwork describes the quarterly task of creating and producing the Cactus and Succulent Society's newsletter To "The Point".

CSSA was based in Tucson and being a cacti enthusiast I eventually found a way to use my skills to elevate CSSA by creating a quarterly newsletter to complement the superb Journal that is beautiful 4-color quarterly featuring absurdly beautiful succulents from around the world and the adventures required to reach them.

CSSA's To The Point Newsletter


Exervites was a supplement for Amrion, a pre-Amazon Whole Foods subsidiary.

Exervites logo

Lone Star Rooter

A S. California Rooter company wanted a logo upgrade for their yellow page ad. Black ink on vellum parchment. Those are my original style of eyes.

Lone Star Rooter logo

Organic Energy

Organic Energy was a preliminary logo for Renewable Choice Energy's marketing campaign. It was appreciated but never used.

Organic Energy logo

Mr. Rootbeer

Mr. Rootbeer preliminary logo to sketch out the theme of "Step Into Liquid".

Mr. Rootbeer logo

Tribal Fiber

Tribal Fiber was a hemp products company based in Boulder with handmade manufacturing in Thailand. Way ahead of their time.

This was the most challenging logo to create, taking over 40 hours before deciding to create it from the inside out. Carefully placed straight edges give it its woven, curved appearance.

Tribal Fiber logo

This is how the same logo appears in print:

tribal fiber print logo


I created the name and logo for this vermiculture products company. Squash blossoms are sacred in some indigenous cultures. From my own gardening experience with heritage squash from the Midwest, squash create some the healthiest soils I've ever seen.

Vermex logo

Papier Mâché Gecko

My partner commissioned me to make a gecko in honor of our son's first birthday. Gecko was his first word, so naturally it's my first papier mâché sculpture. Our son is currently a second year at ASU.

It measures 54" long by 30" wide at its feet.

Papier Mâché Gecko by day

It glows in the dark to represent the fact that geckos are nocturnal.

Papier Mâché Gecko by night