Peter Bockenthien



I write a wide variety of lyrics for musicians, artists, and screenplays.

Here are two short examples of the type of lyrics that I write:


Though you run and run and run you can't hide from Me
Cover your soul in shame still it shines for Me
Lay it all aside and lay it on the line for Me
Everything's gonna be the change


Stumble all day fall into the sun
Burns your soul to the ground
You cannot come back the way that you came
You can never turn around
Long way home | Long way home | Long way home

When My Soul Passes

As soon as it all passes
a distant shore comes into view
I always think of you
shimmering in the heat under translucent cerulean blue dark cherry pale amber pretty red pink When my soul leaves this body
I know where to meet
we'll fuel the heat
and attract more water to carve canyons of mutual destiny We'll never be disconnected
separated from our Source
irrevocably bound to the Love in our hearts
to love more is to live more each eternal moment always connected to Love

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final scenes of Liquidated take place near here