Peter Bockenthien



First and foremost I am a raven: analytical, creative, problem solver. I learn by participating in a wide variety of realms. I think in motion, video, movement, never static; I love writing for video - translating to static is just like doing a screenshot.

I write screenplays, treatments, short stories, lyrics, and marketing content. I know what SEO is and why it's important.

I thrive on variety, and challenges. Telling me I can't do something guarantees that I will do it.

I would love to contribute my creativity to a team of writers for an agency, or studio.

My résumé is primarily print, design, and front end development oriented. But writing and communicating is what I was born to do.

I'm a quick learner, can hit the ground running in almost all situations, I ask the right questions to fill in my information gaps, and most importantly I love learning something new every single day. Peter Schick nails it: I'm the most abled `disabled` person. I've got ideas, lots of them, every single day. I dream them, wake up to them and love sharing them.

"Liquidated" is a disaster flick. I had the best time writing it and if asked I would love to direct it.

Currently writing an animated musical, "The Full Tilt Boogie", as well as its score, songs, and lyrics.

My creative writing skills really took off after I graduated from college. My hearing impairment has never suppressed my desire for songwriting.

I am a Raven: we figure things out the first time around. I love challenges and loved to be challenged physically and creatively.

That's why I like writing different scripts, different genres, different music styles.

My goal is to win an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. I love creative problem solving I would love to contribute my creativity to a team of writers.

"Peter is the most abled `disabled` person I've ever met." ~ Peter Schick
"Peter's creative concepts brought me more clients." ~ Jennifer Anderson, PT
"You saved me from a clusterf__cking mess of stress." ~ Tim Brod

final scenes of Liquidated take place near here