Peter Bockenthien


It's always refreshing to start the day with writing something completely new. I'm a natural born analyst - it's one of my gifts - and I love reading between the lines and connecting the dots be it for business evaluation or a screenplay.


"Liquidated" (WGA#1823242)

Set in Colorado mixes climate change + fracking to create a disaster that threatens the entire Western United States. Based on science and mixed with Ancestral Pueblan mythology, Liquidated offers hope and restorative justice while providing suspense and action.


Here are examples of the type of lyrics that I write. Coming soon: audio samples.


Though you run and run and run you can't hide from Me
Cover your soul in shame still it shines for Me
Lay it all aside and lay it on the line for Me
Everything's gonna be the change


Stumble all day fall into the sun
Burns your soul to the ground
You cannot come back the way that you came
You can never turn around
Long way home | Long way home | Long way home

Surf Patrol!

Hips and hair swaying to endless fast music
Dudettes - oops! - girls are cruisin' for the boys
Neon bikini spiked heel blonde - Miss OP
Quite simply the official Surf Patrol toy


Aliens on Earth

Sometimes it's fun to watch people on TV
Hey why is this nothing like I see?
It's a comedy you watch for news?
Guy you're so weird I admit I'm confused


There is a seam in the realm of consciousness that allows us to scrimmage against our destiny and become updated.


We live in a surreal mix of legalism and religion where spirituality is looked down upon as being morally week. Law fascinates me. The way people think, belief, and act is fascinating, but ultimately it's boring. I use my natural analytical skills to deconstruct obscure segments of society. No, not the circus sideshows but the things hidden in plain view.

final scenes of Liquidated take place near here